DareMaster - 1. Be sure that self spanking is something you...

1. Be sure that self spanking is something you want to try.

Make sure you can play safely and be comfortable with your choices. If it helps, we can assure you that by no means will you be the only one thrashing away at your own buttocks. Self spanking is rarely acknowledged publicly, of course, but then how many people will admit openly to masturbating?

And we know everyone does that.

So if you’re new to self spanking and worried that it’s abnormal, don’t beat yourself up about it. Actually, no, do go ahead and give yourself a beating.

2. Get yourself nice and comfortable

If you’re going to self spank, particularly if it is your first time, get yourself nice and relaxed. Don’t try and give yourself a spanking when other people are around you, or if you are likely to be interrupted. That’s just going to make you feel frustrated and anxious. Rushing your spanking or having to deal with unexpected room visitors could cause an injury.

Don’t self spank when you are angry or in a bad mood. Have a nice cup of tea first. Also you don’t want your blood sugars to be very low during your physical exertions, so maybe eat a small snack beforehand (just don’t eat a four course meal).

3.Start off with a simple approach

There’s lots of different ways you can spice up your self spanking session and a vast array of potential implements.

However, it’s usually a good idea to start off with something easy to control, like a hairbrush, a bath-brush or a wooden paddle.

Hold the implement in your strongest hand/arm as a long spanking can strain the muscles if you’re not used to it.

A hairbrush is a great initial choice for self spanking.

4. Bare your bottom and get spanking

We don’t advise anyone to spank themselves over their underwear or trousers. You’re unlikely to feel the spanking sufficiently, though clearly if you don’t want to spank your bare bum then thin underwear will offer less protection than rugged denim.

To begin: Either whilst standing up or lying down, reach behind and spank the instrument against the lower fleshy part of your buttocks. Don’t rush the spanks in those early stages. Give your bottom time to recover some sensation.

Spank the lower flesh on your bare buttocks.

5. Don’t decide on the number of strokes until you’re more experienced.

If you’ve never whacked a hairbrush against your bare buttocks, you won’t have any idea a) how hard you will be able to hit yourself and b) what your reaction to the pain will be.

We don’t therefore recommend setting a specific “punishment” until you have at least undergone a couple of “freestyle” sessions. Take a leisurely approach first time around: spank yourself slowly and firmly and allow the sensations to build.

Don’t just pluck a number of strokes out of the air. Only set fixed punishments once you’ve appreciated how your body will react to the spanking sensations.

6. Look after your bottom.

Okay, so we know we give our buttocks a hard time. A very hard time in fact. However, they are extremely important to us and we look after them.

We recommend applying an antiseptic solution or a soothing anti-bacterial balm to the buttocks after a strong self spanking.

Look after yourself too. As tempting as it may be to experience those sensations every day, self spanking is best left as a lovely side pleasure.

A well punished bottom needs appropriate after-care and time to heal.


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